Make the right message visible for the best result.

01. Message

What is your message?

02. Design

Make your message visible

03. Implementation

How to use your message?

What can we do for you? A lot:

  • Development corporate identity
  • Design & development websites
  • (Re)design logo’s
  • Graphic design & production brochures, flyers, posters, annual reports, newsletters, advertisements and promotional material
  • Design & editing publications and books
  • Design signage
  • Mediaplanning
  • Copywriting Want to know how we work?

Which company logo do you use for the new uniforms?

Digital brand book

Finding the correct company logo can be a big thing or do you have everything neatly in a row and have direct access to your logo, corporate identity colours or other corporate identity elements?
If Passaat Design develops a logo and complete corporate identity, we make the logos available to the customer. Until recently this was a booklet with all logo variations and a USB stick. Read More…

Renovation of a Museum

Jewish Cultural Historical Museum

For big projects, you need patience, a wide scope and a good team, and that we have, two teams work together and it keeps up on track and sharp. Renovating the inside of the museum means: creating a new story, changing objects, changing the background in the vitrine, so it becomes a more modern museum with the respect of her objects & history.  Find out more about this challenging project >


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