Make the right message visible for the best result.

01. Message

What is your message?

02. Design

Make your message visible

03. Implementation

How to use your message?

What can we do for you? A lot:

  • Development corporate identity
  • Design & development websites
  • (Re)design logo’s
  • Graphic design & production brochures, flyers, posters, annual reports, newsletters, advertisements and promotional material
  • Design & editing publications and books
  • Design signage
  • Mediaplanning
  • Copywriting
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Passaat gives back to 5 NGO’s

20 Aña pa nos, 20 ora pa bo!

Passaat Graphic & Web Design celebrates it’s 20th anniversary on Curaçao. As part of this anniversary Passaat organized, together with Curaçao Cares, the campaign ‘Giving back to the community’. We selected 5 NGO’s and finished all projects. We will close this project with a general presentation in the coming week! Who are the NGO?

Complete corporate identity for FTAC

Fair Trade Authority Curaçao

For the brand new organization, Fair Trade Authority Curaçao (FTAC) – an independent organization that will overlook fair competition in all branches of the economy on Curaçao – Passaat developed a creative concept, logo, corporate identity and website. To design for a developing organization means looking into the future. How will the corporate identity be used? What are the guidelines for such a transparent organization? Find out more about this challenging project >


Passaat Graphic & Web Design
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