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We share Visual Identities with our Clients

Do you have everything neatly in a row and have direct access to your logo, corporate identity colors or other corporate identity elements? If Passaat design develops a logo and corporate identity, we make the logos available to the customer. Until recently this was a booklet with all logo variations and a USB stick. Nowadays we develop a digital brandbook, where all logos, colors & standard files can be downloaded by the customer. Much easier and immediately available

How it works
1. We set up your brandbook, with your logo, corporate identity colors, corporate identity fonts, possibly with pdf and of fixed parts.
2. We give you a password and you get access to your unique URL
3. Clients can download their logo, colors and assets anytime or send a link to their suppliers.

Are you tired of searching for the right logo for the uniforms you want to make …
Passaat can do this for you, for corporate identity that has already been developed by Passaat or for new projects. But even for logos that have not been developed by us. In addition to the costs * of setting up the brandbook, you pay a small amount per year for the space on our server.

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